Burial caskets

Although certain people, especially those who cannot afford caskets prefer natural burial, the majority depend on burial caskets to put the deceased body of their dear ones before taking it for the final journey. Available in different sizes and colours and made from different materials, they are available in different price ranges, depending on the build quality and the material used. Purchasing a suitable burial casket is the toughest task while arranging for a funeral, keeping in mind that it is the costliest part of a funeral. While one can visit brick and mortar stores to purchase it, it works out cheaper to buy one online as an individual can view different models available in different online stores, compare their quality and prices, and finally choose one that meets their requirements and suits their budget.

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Choosing a suitable casket

Burial caskets are made of either metal or wood. On the one hand, there are confusions about the airtight sealing capabilities of the metal model. To get around this issue, manufacturers employ a rubber gasket, wrapped around the casket's perimeter. This ensures that the casket is hermetically sealed once closed. Apart from this, metal burial caskets also include a sealing key on the front side, whilst its rear section has hinges that attach the lid to the body of the casket. On the other hand, there are no such issues with wooden models as the width of the lid and the base are wider than that of the metal models. The rear side of the lid is attached to the body using hinges and the front portion is snapped into place after the body has been laid, and then nailed into place.

Different choices available when purchasing wooden caskets

You have many options to choose from whether you plan to purchase a burial casket made of wood or one made of metal. If you plan to go for the wooden models, you can choose from wood such as:

- Pine

- Mahogany

- Cherry

- Oak

- Walnut

The type of wood you select determines the cost of the casket. Therefore, one should not be surprised to see that caskets made from Cherry and Mahogany cost more than those made from other types of wood do. However, models made from Mahogany and Cherry offer exquisite finishes as well as other enhancements and designs. While the economy models do not boast of such features, they too are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes.

Metal caskets

People tend to worry that metal caskets will rust over time. However, this is not the case, as manufacturers do not use iron for manufacturing those caskets. Metal caskets are generally made from:

- Carbonised steel

- Standard steel

- Stainless steel

- Copper

- Bronze

None of the above mentioned metals catch rust and they stand well against the test of time. Here too, the choice of metals determines the cost of the burial caskets. You should be prepared to pay much more for models made from copper and bronze, while those made from steel are friendly on the pocket.